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Attract New Customers with Air Inflatables Car Dealer Supplies

Brining new customers into your car dealership involves many different methods. From putting out ads in local newspapers to making sure people know where your business is located, it’s important that you use any method available. Park Place Printing & Promotional Products, LLC, your online source for car dealer supplies, is here to help you attract new customers. Our selection of car dealer supplies includes giant air inflatables to help bring people into your dealership. From sky dancers and wacky inflatable flailing tube men to gorillas with cars and giant balloons, we have everything you need to bring in new customers. Take a look at some of these great car dealer supplies today:

Gorilla with Car Giant Air Inflatable – If you have ever driven by a car dealership, you have seen one of these great inflatables. People love the giant gorilla inflatables and now you can purchase one for your lot. We offer 20-foot options in both black and blue.

Red, Yellow, & Blue Inflatable Men – Putting out one of these inflatable flailing tube men on a special sale day is an excellent way to attract people to your dealership. Our business offers 20-foot options in a wide array of colors and styles, including these red, yellow, and blue selections.

Giant Sale Round Balloons – Floating in the sky like a beacon, the giant sale balloon is a wonderful way to attract new customers. This selection holds up to 210 cubic feet of helium and comes with a vinyl repair kit, 125 feet of nylon tether line, and an inflation hose.

Sky Dancers – These 18-foot sky dancers are made with unique technology, making them dance around. This generates attention, creating a “have to watch” motion that will bring people to your dealership.

Now that you know about these great options, it’s time to place an order. From inflatables to practical selections for the service department, Park Place Printing & Promotional Products, LLC, always makes sure you have access to the best options available. Many car dealerships have trusted us to provide them with high-end car dealer supplies and now you can place an order with us today. Read about the huge variety of car dealer supplies we offer and place an order today!