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Auto Windshield SignsIf you have an automobile for sale and you need to get it noticed, having car window stickers are essential in getting your product off the lot and onto the road. You have seen auto decals on nearly every dealer lot in America, and for a good reason. Giving the customer basic information on a unit for sale through auto decals not only is beneficial to the potential buyer, but is an effective, no hassle marketing tool for your business.

When you are looking to purchase decals for cars, it is important to get proper information on the windshield that the customer is looking for. “Hybrid”, “Just Arrived,” and “Navigation” are just a few examples of vinyl decals that would benefit you and the customer. offers countless decals for cars in a wide selection of shapes and sizes. Everything from models, years, and mileage to slogans-- and even smiley faces-- are all available in many colors and at great prices. Selling something that cannot be seen is an impossible task. Turn some heads with car window stickers and get those cars off the lot.

Vinyl Highlights Oval Model Years <p>(VT-#318/319/320)</p>
Vinyl Highlights Eyebrow Slogans <p>(VT-#310/311/312)</p>
Vinyl Highlights Smile Slogans <p>(VT-#305/306/307)</p>
Vinyl Patriotic Stripes <p>(VT-#1363/1364)</p>
Vinyl Highlights Windshield Slogans <p>(VT-#323)</p>
Vinyl Highlights Windshield Slogans <p>(VT- #341)</p>
Vinyl Highlights Oval Slogans <p>(VT-#315/316)</p>
Corner Windshield Slogans <p> (EZ-138) <p>
Arrow Slogan <p> (EZ-195) <p>
Vinyl Highlights Model Years <p>(VT- #1300-1390)</p>
Vinyl Highlights Model Year Signs <p>(VT-#331)</p>
 8 1/2 Vinyl Highlights Interstate Signs <p>(VT-#375)</p>
Patriotic Model Years <p>(VT-#1360/1361)</p>
9 x 7 Vinyl Hightlights Burst Model Years <p>(VT-#330/333)</p>
Vinyl Highlights Duo Digits
Angle Year Models <p> (EZ-146R-146C) <p>
Custom Oval Windshield Sign <p> (VT-399D) <P>
Custom Windshield Slogans <p> (VT-398D) <p>
Custom Vinyl Hightlights Broadcaster ONE COLOR<p> (VT-326C) <p>
Custom Vinyl Highlights Broadcaster TWO COLOR <p> (VT-326C) <p>
Custom Vinyl Highlights Broadcaster FOUR COLOR <P> (VT-326C) <P>
15" Windshield Slogans <p>(EZ- #105-168)</p>
A-PEEL Auto Sign Slogans <p>(VT-#350)</p>
A-PEEL Digits <p>(VT- #325)</p>
Vinyl Highlights 4" Bubble Digits <p>(VT-369)</p>
Vinyl Highlights 5-1/2" Digits <p>(VT-#351/352)</p>
Vinyl Highlights 7-1/2" Digits <p>(VT-#353-#362)</p>
Vinyl Highlights 8-1/2" Digits <p>(VT-1301-1391)</p>
Vinyl Highlights 9-1/2" Digits <p>(VT-#364)</p>
Vinyl Highlights 11 1/2" Digits <p> (VT-366-367-368) <P>
5-1/2" Adhesive Numbers <p>(EZ- #107/108)</p>
9-1/2" Adhesive Numbers <p>(EZ- #111-212)</p>
Digit Box <p> (VT-130DIGIT) <p>
Die Cut Slogans <p>(EZ- #259/268/272)</p>
Die Cut Numbers <p>(EZ- #258/267/271)</p>
Smiley Face Auto Sign <p>(VT-#302-SMIL)</p>
Smiley Face with Sunglasses Sticker <p> (VT-302-SMGL) <P>
Patriotic Hat Decals <p>(EZ446-HAT)</p>
Happy Face Auto Sign <p>(EZ- #184)</p>
Gift Tag Decal <p> (EZ-447) <p>
Holiday Bow Decal <p> (EZ-37-BOW) <p>
Santa Hat Holiday Decal <p> (EZ-537-HAT) <p>
Snowflake Holiday Decal <p> (EZ-537-SNOW) <p>
Mid-Sized Non-Fade Numbers <p>(EZ- #147-148)</p>
Patriotic Heart Decals <p>(EZ446-HEART)</p>
Patriotic Star Decals <p>(EZ446-STAR)</p>
Vinyl Highlights STAR-LITES Signs <p>(VT-#301)</p>
WAS-NOW Window Stickers <p>(Form-589)</p>
Price Window Stickers <p>(Form-589-21/23)</p>
Vinyl Hang Tag Stickers <p>(VT-#327)</p>
9x11 Large Stick On Tags <p>(EZ-#448)</p>
"One Low Price" Window Stickers <p>(VT- #860)</p>
Bubble Thoughts Auto Signs <p>(EZ #205-Y-R)</p>
SUCCESS Sold Stickers <p>(VT- #795)</p>
Vehicle Not For Sale Sticker <p>(VT-790) <p>
Vehicle Not For Sale Sticker <p>(VT-815)</p>
Large For Sale Stickers <p> (VT-788) <P>
Not Ready For Sale Stickers <p> (VT-789) <p>
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