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Promotional Balloons

Nothing says “party” like a balloon and nothing says sales event like promotional balloons from Park Place Printing. Our promotional balloons are a perfect way to attract customers, and with the balloon options we have, we are sure to have just what you are looking for.

Out giant latex balloons come in huge 32”, 64” and 82” options so you know they can be seen form a distance. With each latex balloon combo, you get a balloon with the size and color of your choosing with a 100’ BRITE Pennant String and 8” zip tie. If bigger is better, then check out or chloroprene balloons! Our gigantic chloroprene balloons come in 5 foot and 8 foot options and can be used with pure helium or an air/helium mixture.

If your needs aren’t quite as large, we also offer a standard pack of 72 17” balloons in a variety of colors and patterns. Make sure to browse all of our options and get the attention you are looking for by shopping for all your balloons and accessories.

Custom Printed Standard Latex Balloons <p>(17STDE)</p>
Stock Printed Balloons <p>(ASP-58691)</p>
17" Latex Balloons <p>(VT-6BA-17)</p>
20" Round Balloons <p>(EZ-503-20)</p>
Giant Latex Balloons 64" <p>(VT-6BA-64)</p>
Giant Latex Balloons 82" <p>(VT-6BA-82)</p>
GIant Balloons- 36" <p>(Form-5879-1)</p>
Giant Balloons- 60" <p>(Form-5879-11)</p>
Giant Balloons- 72" <p>(Form-5879-21)</p>
Giant Latex Balloon/BRITE Pennant Combo <p>(VT-6PK)</p>
11" Checkered Racing Flags- 4 Sided Imprint <p>(EZ-513-RACE)</p>
Giant 8 ft. Hot Air Balloon <p>(EZ-540-STARS)</p>
Red SALE 3 ft. Balloon <p>(EZ-514-SALE)</p>
Red & Blue Stars 3 ft. Balloon <p>(EZ-514-STAR)</p>
5ft. Giant Chloroprene/Duroprene Balloon <p>(EZ-506)</p>
16" Red & Blue Stars <p>(EZ-513-STAR)</p>
Yellow Happy Face 3 ft. Balloon <p>(EZ-514-HAP)</p>
Balloon Pump <p>(EZ-519)</p>
8ft. Giant Chloroprene Balloon<p>(EZ-504)</p>
Balloon Ribbon <p>(VT-6BA-RIBB)</p>
Inflator/ Deflator <p>(EZ-520)</p>
Cone of Balloon String <p>(EZ-500-CONE)</p>
Gross of 3 ft. Long Precut Balloon Strings <p>(EZ-500-GROSS)</p>
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