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How Hang Tags Can Help Your Business!

No car dealership is complete without the use of hang tags, this iconic form of letting the customer know the price of an automobile dates back decades. The reason why car dealers continue to use this classic form of price labeling is not just because of the familiar shapes and colors that customers and dealers have grown to recognize, but the key to hang tags is visibility.

Everyone notices fun, novelty sizes. Whether it’s a giant candy bar or a big price tag, people are going to take notice. When you put your low price on large price tags, it’s easier for someone to see and take note. Add a sense of urgency with specialty hang tags or highlight special deals with was/now hang tags.

If you want people to take advantage of your great financing, use ‘per month’ hang tags or ‘financing available’ tags. There are so many options when it comes to hang tags, you can get across hundreds of messages with just a few words.

Keep it simple and use a big tag to make an even bigger impression. Make your sale more important; make your dealership more important. Using large hanging mirror tags!

Already know the importance of this car dealership staple? Why not vary the types of hanging mirror tags you use? There are so many options of hang tags out there you may not even know about! “Rebate”, ‘No hassle Price” and “Red Tag Special” are all different types of hang tags you should consider using while developing promotions.

Remember, you can use more than just blank mirror tags to promote your inventory. With “Sale” or “Rebate tags, you can give the customer more information about the status of the price, which will drive business overall.

By properly promoting your product using large hanging mirror tags, you can increase business as well as promote a better customer experience. Learn more about the various hanging mirror tags we offer and Park Place Printing and get yours today!