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Janitorial Supplies

If youíve been in any establishment or organization in the last two decades, youíve seen signs inside restrooms clearly stating that employees must wash hands before returning to work. Whether youíre a patron of the establishment or a business owner aiming for a more productive and healthy office environment, having the right janitorial supplies on hand and readily available is crucial. Itís necessary for any company to have the right janitorial products to make sure that their staff and visitors to their organization are able to keep their hands sanitized. The best products from Park Place will help you reduce the number of sick days your employees take and make your business a healthier and happier place to be.

Let Park Place Printing deal with all of your janitorial supplies all for a great price! Thatís right, we have it all! We provide all janitorial supplies for your showroom, service and parts departments.

EZ Hand Hygiene Antibacterial Foam <p> (#92120) <p>
EZ Hand Hygiene No-Touch Dispenser <p> (#92155) <p>
EZ Hand Hygiene Sanitizing Station <p> (#92175) <p>
EZ Hand Hygiene Antibacterial Soap <p> (#92110) <p>
EZ Hand Hygiene Luxury Hand Soap <p> (#92111) <p>
EZ Hand Hygiene Manual Dispenser <p> (#92150) <p>
Soft & Silky Pink Lotion Skin Cleaner <p> (#92210) <p>
Soft & Silky Manual Dispenser <p> (#92250) <p>
Center Pull Hand Towels <p> (#95110) <p>
Center Pull Towel Dispenser <p> (#95150) <p>
White Roll Towels <p> (#95210) <p>
Natural Roll Towels <p> (#95211) <p>
Pull Down Towel Dispenser <p> (#95250) <p>
Brown Multi-Folded Towels <p> (#95310) <p>
White Premium Multi-Folded Towels <p> (#95311) <p>
Multi-Fold Towel Dispenser <p> (#95350) <p>
Premium Toilet Paper <p> (#97110) <p>
Economy Toilet Paper <p> (#97111) <p>
Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper <p> (#97210) <p>
Toilet Paper Dispenser <p> (#97250) <p>
Dura View Soap- Sock it Heavy Duty with Pumice <p> (#93110) <p>
Dura View Soap- Walnut Scrub <p> (#93111) <p>
Dura View Soap- Regal Mild Heavy Duty <p> (#93112) <p>
Dura View Soap- Dispenser <p> (#93150) <p>
Bulk Gallon- Walnut Scrub <p> (#93210) <p>
Bulk Gallon- Orange Scrub with Pumice <p> (#93211) <p>
Bulk Gallon- Red Blast <p> (#93212) <p>
Bulk Gallon Jug Bracket <p> (#93250) <p>
Bulk Gallon Pump Dispenser <p> (#93251) <p>
Bulk Gallon Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Dispenser  <p> (#93252) <p>
13-Gallon Heavy Duty Trash Bags <p>(#7151)</p>
30-Gallon Heavy Duty Trash Bags <p>(#7152)</p>
55-60 Gallon Heavy Duty Trash Bags <p>(#7153)</p>
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