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Key Fobs/Trailer Hitch Covers

Using a custom key fob or trailer hitch cover is a great way to promote your business. With park Place Printing, you can get customized auto accessories for your business for less.  Find heavy duty key rings, custom key fobs, preferred customer punchable key fobs, trailer hitch covers and other customizable promotional material and get the word out on your business.

Using custom promotional materials like a key fob will act as a constant reminder to the customer of the excellent service they received at your facility, and with items such as preferred customer punchable key fobs, they will be more inclined to come back for preferred customer discounts!

Use Park Place Printing for a custom key fob, trailer hitch cover or any other customizable auto dealer supply. Having customized supplies is a great move for your business and makes your business more visible. Contact us today and we can set you up with all of the dealer supplies you need!

Unique Shape Soft-Touch Key Fob <p>(EZ-475)</p>
Glow In The Dark "Number 1" Key Tag <P> (WAN-340) <P>
"Teardrop" Key Tag <P> (WAC-310) <P>
Quickstand Tags Full Color- ONE SIDED <p> (VT-6112SVD) <p>
Quickstand Tags Full Color- TWO SIDED <P> (VT-6112SVD2) <P>
Key Fobs <p>(Form-#4910)</p>
As low as: $0.47
23 mil Plastic Key Fobs (One Color) <p>(VT-6055-6085)</p>
23 mil Plastic Key Fobs (Two sides) <p>(VT-6055-6085)</p>
55 mil Plastic Key Fobs (One Side) <p>(VT-6055-6085)</p>
55 mil Plastic Key Fobs (Two Sides) <p>(VT-6055-6085)</p>
1" Heavy Duty Bagged Rings <p>(VT- #115)</p>
Large 1-1/8" Key Tag Rings <p>(Form-#1405)</p>
3/4" Bagged Rings  <p>(VT- #125)</p>
Standard 7/8" Metal Key Ring <p>(Form- #140)</p>
Punch for Punchable Key Fobs <p> (#4915) <p>
Domed Hitch Covers (Four Color) <p> (VT-502-503-504) <p>
Trailer Hitch Covers (One Color) <p>(Form-#4900)</p>
Trailer Hitch Covers (Two Color) <p>(Form-#4900-2)</p>
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