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License Plate Frames

License Plate FramesWhether it’s the hottest new car on the road or a quality pre owned, most cars are fitted with dealer license plate frames off the lot. Using custom license plate frames is an excellent marketing opportunity for the dealer to create an impression on other motorists on the road. If you put your name on a quality product, people will take notice, and there is no better place than Park Place Printing to get the dealer license plate frames that will proudly display the name of your dealership.

We have a tremendous variety of shapes, colors and materials for your custom license plate frames. Die cast, chrome and metal are just a few of the many materials we use to create a license plate frame for your business.

If you need to temporarily hold a license plate on a vehicle, there is nothing better than a magnetic license plate holder. Safety adhere a license plate to an automobile without the fear of scratching and damaging the paint.

Let Park Place Printing be your source for dealer license plate frames and accompanying magnetic license plate holder. Shop today and see what we can do with your business.

Motorcycle License Plate Frames <p>(#4878)</p>
Raised Letter License Plate Frames <p>(#4875)</p>
Chrome Faced <br>License Plate Frames</br><p>(#48761-48762)</p>
Tuff Frame 3-D ABS Auto <br>License Plate Frames</br> <p>(USL-Tuff)</p>
Screen Printed (Flat) <br>License Plate Frames</br> <p>(#4870)</p>
Premium Dura <br>License Plate Frames</br><p>(USL-Dura)</p>
3-Dimensional Plastic Name Plate <p>(#4558)</p>
License Plate Pan Head Screws <p>(EZ-434)</p>
Black Pan Head Screw <p>(EZ-436)</p>
Large License Plate Metric Screws <p>(EZ-435)</p>
License Plate Screws <p>(EZ-437)</p>
Nylon Insert Screws <p>(#4864)</p>
Self-Tapping Hex Slot Head Screws <p>(#4862)</p>
Slotted Hex Head Screws <p>(#4863)</p>
Metric Phillips Pan Head Screws <p>(EZ-246)</p>
Thumb Screw American <p>(#4860)</p>
Thumb Screw Metric <p>(#4861)</p>
Phillips Hex Washer Head Screws <p>(#4865-01)</p>
Slotted Hex Washer Head Screws (Zinc) <p>(Form-#4865-03)</p>
Slotted Hex Washer Head Screws (Black E-Coat) <p>(#4865-07)</p>
Duo-Drive Truss Head Screws <p>(#4865-05)</p>
Slotted Pan Head Zinc Plated Screws <p>(#4865-09)</p>
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