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Pole Flags

Make the most out of your lot and take advantage of the great advertising opportunities you already have. Put those poles to work and maximize your advertising budget with eye catching pole banners! Pole banners are a great way to get noticed day or night, and with Park Place Printing, you can get giant double pole banner kits, custom banner kits, pole brackets and more!

Using pole banners is a great idea if you are in a dense part of town, or in a rural area. Use custom pole banners to differentiate yourselves from the competition and use standard giant pole banners to segment your lot to help out customers who are on foot.

Need replacement pole brackets? We’ve got that too! Park Place Printing is the home of essential car dealer supplies and custom dealership graphics. If you are looking for the best printed promotional products for your business, contact the industry leader in car dealer supplies; Park Place Printing!

Vertical Dealer Drape Flag - Single Face <p> (EZ-285SI) <p>
Vertical Dealer Drape Flag - Double Face <p> (EZ-285DB) <p>
Vertical Slogan Drape Flag - Single Face <p> (EZ-359SI) <p>
Vertical Slogan Drape Flag - Double Face <p> (EZ-359DB) <p>
Giant Stock Message Single Pole Banner Kit <p>(EZ-468)</p>
Giant Stock Message Double Pole Banner Kit <p>(EZ-467)</p>
Custom Single Pole Banner Kit <p>(EZ-465)</p>
Custom Double Pole Banner Kit <p>(EZ-464)</p>
Premium U.S. Flags/ Made in USA <p>(#4753)</p>
Economy U.S. Flags/Made in USA! <p>(#4753-50)</p>
Nylon Flags <p> (#4754) <p>
 36" Single Pole Bracket <p>(EZ-984)</p>
As low as: $24.95
42" Single Pole Bracket <p>(EZ-979)</p>
 6ft. 4" Double Pole Bracket <p>(EZ-971)</p>
7ft. 5" Double Pole Bracket <p>(EZ-973)</p>
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