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Repair Order & Work Ticket Holders

It is important to protect your repair order, especially with everything that can damage them during a job. Weather combined with the unpredictable nature of a garage can making words hard to read, thus affecting the overall product of your business. Don’t let anything happen to your work order! Use a quality repair order holder from Park Place Printing. Our job ticket holders are made from rugged sewn cloth and plastic and can be hung from the antenna or any mirror.

A reusable repair order holder will keep work orders neat and unscathed from the rigors of a complicated job. Our job ticket holders come in three different styles so you can easily color coat jobs, or have them match the motif of your business.

Keep your repair orders clean and neat with our work ticket holders. Park Place Printing is your home for quality auto dealer supplies from the most important advertising material to the smallest details that you wouldn’t be able to live without. Our top of the line service accessories are why purchasing auto dealer supplies from Park Place Printing is the right decision.