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Service Accessories

Providing the highest quality repairs and service you can to your customer means having all the best auto dealer service accessories. This includes high quality gloves, repair order ticket holders, and covers for the wheels and tires to make sure they stay in good condition and are kept clean throughout the vehicle’s service.

At Park Place Printing and Promotional Products, we understand that part of your mission to provide excellent customer service involves treating every vehicle as we would want ours to be treated while it’s being repaired or serviced. The best way to do this is with the right accessories to make sure your service department is sensitive to the needs and cleanliness of every vehicle in the garage.

These service accessories are a must for your company or dealership!

Clear & Red Repair Order Ticket Holder <p>(#7416)</p>
Solid Black Repair Order Ticket Holder <p>(#7412)</p>
Clear & Black Repair Order Ticket Holder <p>(#7411)</p>
Neon Stitched Work Ticket Holders <p>(#7421-7426)</p>
Full Steering Wheel Cover <p>(#108)</p>
Double Elastic Steering <br>Wheel Cover</br> <p>(#107)</p>
Extra Large Double Elastic <br>Wheel Cover</br> <p>(#107-XL)</p>
Standard Tire/Storage Bag <p>(#109)</p>
Large Tire/Storage Bag <p>(#109-L)</p>
X-Large Tire/Storage Bag <p>(#109-XL)</p>
Economy Safety Glasses <p>(#98300)</p>
Flexible Temple Safety Glasses <p>(#98310)</p>
Foamed Safety Glasses <p>(#98315)</p>
Latex Powdered Gloves <p>(#171-173)</p>
Latex Powder-Free Gloves <p>(#171-PF-173-PF)</p>
Blue Nitrile X3 Powdered Gloves <p>(#1701-1703)</p>
Premium Black Nitrile Gloves <p>(#1711-1713)</p>
Small Parts Bag <p>(#112)</p>
As low as: $20.59
Medium Parts Bag <p>(#113)</p>
Large Parts Bag <p>(#114)</p>
Seat Protectors 3 Ply .7 mil. <p>(VT-#823)</p>
As low as: $29.60
As low as: $30.89
Standard Seat Cover - 3 ply, .5 Mil <p>(#1061)</p>
Premium Seat cover 3 ply, .7 mil <p>(#1066)</p>
Standard Seat Cover 2 Ply, .5 Mil<p>(FP-29260-15)</p>
Premium Seat Cover 2 ply, .7 Mil <p>(FG-P9943-14)</p>
Heavy Duty Seat Cover 2 Ply, 1 Mil <p>(FG-P9943-20)</p>
25 Pocket Time Card/Job Ticket Rack <p>(#7003)</p>
36 Pocket Time Card/Job Ticket Rack <p>(#7007)</p>
54 Pocket Time Card/Job Ticket Rack <p>(#7008)</p>
12-Pocket Rack <p>(#7001)</p>
As low as: $80.00
18-Pocket Rack <p>(#7002)</p>
Snow Rake <p> (#6780) <p>
Economy Ice Scraper <p> (#6770-01) <p>
As low as: $95.00
As low as: $29.95
Deluxe Telescopic Ice Scraper <p> (#6770-03) <p>
Premium Pivot Head Telebroom <p> (#6770-05) <p>
Sport Note Notebook & Pen <p> (WA-694) <p>
Deluxe Floor Dispensing Stand <p> (FBP9833-89) <p>
Wall Mount Dispenser <p> (#7012) <p>
Floor Mat Dispenser <p> (#7013) <p>
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