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The Importance of Floor Mats

Leave a lasting impression when you give a customer custom floor mats. When their vehicle is ready, make sure you leave your mark with easy to insert floor mats so you can let the customer know that you take as much pride in their vehicle as they do. Using custom floor mats is more than just a courtesy; it is a final opportunity to market your establishment for repeat business. 

We offer several options when it comes to floor mats. If you do quite a bit of business and need bulk floor mats, we offer them as low as $0.02 a piece. If you are looking to position yourself as a premiere service, we have custom floor mats where we can fully customize floor mats with up to 4 colors. One order can last quite a bit of time, so not only are you getting an excellent value paired with fantastic quality, but you will be getting enough in a case (500) to last quite a while, depending on how much business you do.

If you do quite a bit of business, then you are in luck! We offer bulk pricing as well, so you can get the right amount of floor mats for your shop or dealership.

Our expert staff members are masters of creating the best custom floor mats in the business. They are ready and willing to work with you to make a floor mat that will not only protect the floor of the automobile, but grab the customer’s attention as well.

Using floor mats in conjunction with providing excellent work will increase the probability for repeat business. In an industry that is based on building relationships with customers over the course of many months and years, you don’t want people to forget your name or forget your logo.

By using custom floor mats, you are leaving them with a tangible piece of marketing that is more than just an advertisement. It is something useful that shows them that you care about their vehicle; it shows them you are reputable and it shows them that they should come back for exceptional work in the future.

Looking to increase retention and customer satisfaction? Start with custom floor mats and see why they are one of the best and most affordable ways to keep customers coming back again and again.