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Ways to Use Auto Magnets at Your Dealership

Looking for signs and other automotive dealer supplies to help run a successful auto sales business? Having a good relationship with a reliable vendor is important, for acquiring the kinds of props that will help you to sell vehicles and catch the eye of potential customers. One very useful item is a set of auto magnets. High-quality printed magnets can make all of the difference in getting a message out to those who drive by, or others who visit the dealership on foot.

Numbers for Deals

Auto dealers need ways to show off the value they provide to customers, quickly, and from a distance. A printed sheet taped to the side window isn’t going to reach the casual visitor. On the other hand, a set of large auto magnets stuck on the vehicle facing the road is going to be immediately visible to everyone — so a driver stopped at a nearby traffic light can glance over and see what kinds of deals you’re offering.

Vehicle Status

Numbers aren’t the only kinds of magnets helpful in showing value and orienting customers. Another idea is to print magnets that show the vehicle’s status, for example, whether it’s for sale or not, and whether it comes with a warranty. Without a visible sign, people might wonder if a particular model is on show or just parked in the lot.

A “For Sale” sign cuts out any confusion, and a “Warranty!” sign shows potential customers that they’re getting some peace of mind with their purchase. On the other hand, some used car shops might want to use these kinds of automotive dealer supplies to advertise a vehicle “As Is” to keep the haggling to a minimum.

Catching the Eye

Other auto magnets can be used to add “eye candy” to a lot or floor area. Large, bright colored arrows can show visitors which way to go on a lot, or they can be used to highlight a particular deal. Arrows can draw the eye toward a particular place, which is why they’re so useful in outdoor or showroom marketing.

Need auto magnets and other high-quality automotive dealer supplies? Call Park Place Printing and ask about the range of products that can help turn a car dealership into an impressive space for driving sales and attracting new customers.