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Why Invest in Dealer License Plate Frames – Automotive Dealer Supplies

Before your next customer drives off the lot with a new car, be sure it’s fitted with customized dealer license plate frames showing your company name, phone number, and/or website. These frames, along with other automotive dealer supplies, will go a long way toward building your brand, and ultimately the growth of your dealership.

Advertising and Brand Recognition

As an automobile dealer seeking automotive dealer supplies, one of the most powerful branding strategies you have is for people to see that your customers’ vehicles were bought at your dealership. While a few customers will remove the dealer frames and replace them with their own, most people will leave the frames in place, which means everywhere they drive, their vehicle becomes a mobile mini-billboard for your company — a subtle, passive form of advertising.

The more of these license plate frames appear on cars and trucks throughout your city, the more your dealership name will be imprinted on people’s minds, so when it comes time for them to buy a new or used car, hopefully yours is the first dealership they remember.

If you employ this practice for a while, you’ll be surprised at how many of your new customers have seen your name on a license plate. This is why customized frames are among the most important promotional automotive dealer supplies you can buy.

Make Your Customers Remember You

Brand recognition isn’t just for the purpose of gaining new customers — it’s also to keep existing ones. Once a customer drives off your lot, all he/she cares about is that new vehicle; you’d be surprised at how many of these customers have to stop and think of the name of the place where they bought the car!

Sending them away with a customized dealer license plate frame attached to their vehicle is a great way to keep your company name fresh in their minds. That way, when they need to get their cars serviced or when they are ready to trade up, they will remember not only your name, but hopefully the excellent service you provided them.

Simply put, the more opportunities you have to keep your dealership name in front of people, the better it is for your company. That’s why dealer license plate frames and license plate inserts are such a great investment. To learn more about these and other promotional automotive dealer supplies, contact Park Place Printing at 888-602-3123.