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Window Clip On Flags

Want to bring attention to your fleet? Looking for a new way to promote your products without having to place a decal, write with a marker or position a sign? Then car flags are incredibly easy to place on a vehicle and start working from the word “Go”.

Our durable car flags come with an array of options and sayings, making them one of the most useful and versatile pieces of promotional supplies you can have in your arsenal! We have large flags, small flags, American Flags, Mexican flags; the list goes on and on. You can order our promotional flags to have auto manufacturer logos on them or popular phrases such as “Certified Used”, “Sale” or a simply happy face!

Made with heavy duty cotton, you want to have these alongside your other important auto dealer supplies. Don’t wait! Order from Park Place Printing today for the very best in auto dealer supplies, promotional supplies and more!

MINI Teardrop 3D Flag - Flag Only <p> (EZ-964) <p>
MINI Teardrop 3D Flag Window Clip Kit <p> (EZ-965) <p>
MINI Teardrop 3D Flag Suction Cup Kit <p> (EZ-966) <p>
MINI Teardrop 3D Flag Gator Clip Kit <p> (EZ-967) <p>
Clip-On Paddle Flags Kit<p>(EZ-885)</p>
Clip-On Paddle Flags FLAG ONLY! <p>(EZ-884)</p>
Clip-On Paddle POLE ONLY! <p>(EZ-882)</p>
Custom Clip-on Paddle Flag Kit <p>(EZ-885-CUST)</p>
Clip-On Window Flags 11" x13" <p>(#4780)</p>
Manufacturer Clip-On Flags <p>(#4781)</p>
Best Supreme Clip-On Flags <br>11-1/2" x 14-1/2"</br> <p>(VT-#6CO)</p>
Thrifty Large 12" x 18" <br>Clip-On Flags</br> <p>(VT -#6CF)</p>
Clip On Car Window Flags <p>(EZ-#418)</p>
Clip-On Mexico Flag <p>(EZ- #445)</p>
Clip-On US Flag <p>(EZ-#415)</p>
As low as: $29.95
Thrifty Large Patriotic Clip-On Flag <br>(12 x 18)</br> <p>(VT-#6CF-USS)</p>
Supreme Patriotic Clip-On Flag <br>(14.5 x 11.5)</br> <p> (VT-6CO-USA) <p>
Certified Clip-On Flags <p>(VT-6CO-BCER-RCER)</p>
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